St Helen Without Parish Council Autumn 2020

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Coronavirus Crisis

New campaign to prevent spread of coronavirus indoors this winter - GOV.UK

Vale of White Horse will be in Tier 2 from 2 December 2020

Full details of Tier 2 are given on the Government website at

Christmas arrangements 23-27 December 2020 for making a Bubble with Family and Friends. See

St Helen Without Parish Council is anxious to ensure that none of its residents are without support they may need during this difficult time. We have been overwhelmed by the kindness, concern and desire to help shown by many in our community. Whether online or by way of a leaflet, everyone should have received or have available to them an offer of help. Whether it be to collect shopping, post mail, collect urgent supplies or just a regular friendly phone call. Our thanks go to all who have risen to the challenge. Your efforts will not be forgotten. The best, indeed the only, way we can ensure that nobody in our Parish has to face this worrying time alone is for neighbours to look out for each other. If you are able, please take the time to check that your neighbours are ok. If you are used to social media perhaps you could take the time to relay information to those of your neighbours who might not be so comfortable or confident in its use.

If people are in urgent need of support during the lockdown they should contact the Vale of White Horse District Council Community Hub on 01235 422600 or email  

There’s more info at:   

Businesses can find more details of help at South and Vale Business Support websites at  

If you live in Oxford City, you can also phone 01865 24 98 11 between 8:00am and 5:00pm or visit

For those residents who are not in a high risk category but still in need of support, there are a number of initiatives taking place across the county. You can visit Oxfordshire All In or Oxford Together for more information on community support near you.

Sandleigh Road Recreation Ground – Playground and outdoor gym reopened on 4 July 2020 with COVID-19 safe procedures in place highlighted by Notices and Guidance as well as closure of certain equipment to ensure social distancing. The playground can remain open with Tier 2 restrictions applying, The outdoor gym must close.

Do Not Give Burglars A Sneak Preview of Your Gifts This Christmas

As nights draw in and Christmas gets closer, it is really important for everyone to do as much as they can at home this year to ensure that their house is protected and that they are not an attractive target for burglars. We know that the period following the clocks going back and in the run up to Christmas often sees the number of burglaries start to rise. We will of course be out on patrol, targeting offenders and locations across the Thames Valley, only with COVID restrictions in place some of our traditional crime prevention outreach work has not been possible. Burglary is significantly down on previous reported levels, but we must not be complacent. These figures will no doubt have been impacted by the stringent lockdown measures that have been in force earlier in the year and most recently through the month of November. You can reduce the risk of becoming a victim of burglary by taking a few simple steps which can find here or check out our Home Security Guide.

Detective Superintendent Ailsa Kent, the force lead for burglary said: “As Christmas draws ever closer and much of our shopping is done online, it’s more important than ever to be protecting your home and belongings from burglars. Please make sure items are delivered when you are at home to receive them, or have them delivered to a trusted alternative address. Also be sure to cut up packaging, especially for any expensive items, so that it will fit inside your refuse bin – never leave boxes next to the bin where they can be seen. Remember, if you leave your purchases and gifts on display or you’re sharing photos of them on social media, potential burglars can also see these. Don’t give burglars a sneak preview of your gifts this Christmas!”

About the Parish

St Helen Without parish is a civil parish in the Vale of White Horse district of Oxfordshire. It is adjacent to the town of Abingdon-on-Thames. It is a rural parish with the villages of Shippon and Dry Sandford together with the hamlet of Cothill. A large part of the parish consists of an airfield which was formerly RAF Abingdon, part of which is occupied by Dalton Barracks. Shippon has a large number of army quarters associated with Dalton Barracks. It also includes in the south Abingdon Common. According to the 2001 census the parish had a population of 2,623.

A map of the parish is available at