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St Helen Without Parish Council celebrates

after receiving £10,000 in National Lottery funding

St Helen Without Parish Council will use their funding to Celebrate Her Majesty the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations by supporting local residents over the 4 days of the Jubilee Celebrations and by creating a lasting legacy going forward. We have made a grant to Wootton and Dry Sandford Community Centre to support their events taking place in the northern part of our Parish and to the Friends of Shippon for events taking place in the southern part of our Parish.

This new National Lottery funding will allow us to support all the local residents as the Parish Council realise the importance of involving every part of the community. The Village of Shippon is made up of local families and Army families of Personnel based at Dalton Baracks (Previously RAF Abingdon). All the activities planned for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations will be inclusive for all ages and are designed to bring together the local residents and the Army Families that reside in Shippon. The events will be multicultural as there are over 300 soldiers and their families representing over 20 nations with large representations from Tonga, Ghana, Fiji and Nepal (a Gurkha detachment).

David Churchouse, Vice Chair of St Helen Without Parish Council, said “Thanks to National Lottery players, this grant means that we can help fund all the events celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee for our residents, the Army Families and the elderly residents of Stowford House Care Home which is situated in the Village. It will also allow us to provide a legacy in celebration of Her Majesty’s Reign by planting 12 trees in the Parish, create wild flower meadows on verges within the Parish and install urgently needed play equipment designed for younger children and those with disabilities. This will make a big difference to people’s lives.”


Work should begin in the week of 9 May 2022 to install a basket swing suitable for disabled children and a multiplay unit for 2-6 year olds at Sandleigh Rd Recreation Ground.

Corona Virus.  If anyone has any concerns about how they or a neighbour or relative is going to be able cope with the restrictions to our day to day lives, for residents of St Helen Without please click the for information here.

Further information can also be found at:

World Health Organisation

UK Government


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Vale of White Horse District Council

Parish Notices:

Abingdon Airfield. The MOD owns the airfield and as such it is out of bounds without authorisation. However, Dalton Barracks have kindly recognised that local residents appreciate the large open space for dog walking and exercise. Sadly some people are not cooperating by going on the main runway. This is strictly off limits as at any time there can be activity which would be a hazard to non-authorised individual(s) on the runway and a risk to legitimate users. If the misuse of the runway continues then there is a concern that the army will close the whole of the airfield which would be a great shame and a loss to those who obey the rules.

Scam Charity Collectors. There are reports of two women posing as charity collectors. One incident was on the 3rd floor of the Charter multi-storey car park in Abingdon. They approached someone and were carrying legitimate looking clipboards. They asked for a cash donation. It has been suggested that they can distract the individual approached to take the contents of their wallet or purse. Incidents have also been reported in other towns in the area. During the lockdown no such collections are allowed and even during normal times not in car parks.

Consideration in the Community. The Parish Council continues to receive complaints by residents about speeding in the village, blocking pavements by parked cars, dog waste and bonfires. We can all help by encouraging a climate of consideration for our neighbours as we go about our daily lives. It is illegal to block pavements by parking on them as this makes it difficult and often dangerous for disabled people and people with young children. Whilst it is not illegal to burn garden waste this should be kept within reasonable levels and should not cause a nuisance to neighbours or endanger traffic. More detailed guidance from the Vale of White Horse DC Environmental Health Officer will be published on this website.

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VWHDC Recycling note.  The Vale of White Horse District Council has informed us that items for recycling in the green bins must be loose or in a transparent bag. If the green bin contains black or coloured bags it will not be emptied.