Planning & Development 2020


Barrow Rd Paddock planning applications refused at Planning Committee meeting 6 January 2020 and Approved planning application P16/V3165/FUL therefore remains valid. Appeals have been lodged and will be considered by a planning inspector on behalf of the Secretary of State.

Barrow Rd Cowsheds planning application refused Lack of protection for bats and great crested newts.

Filming on Abingdon Airfield planning application P20/V3342/N8C to take over the southern area near Rookery Close this summer 2021. A major enterprise. 
A  film involving “period aircraft “. 

District Councillor has written the following letter regarding filming on the airfield

Aldi Store Wootton Rd Circus field proposal could affect traffic through parish and was discussed at parish council meeting on 25 January 2021.

Please use the links below to gather information on various aspects of Planning and Development within our Parish:

Planning Applications in the Parish

Details of planning applications discussed at the Parish Council Planning Sub-committee can be found in the Agendas and Minutes at St Helen Without Parish Council Meetings 2020

VWHDC Local Plan 2031

Oxfordshire County Council Plans