Planning & Development 2020



Dalton Barracks / Abingdon Airfield

In the draft JLP 2041, Policy AS10 covers Dalton Barracks development in Chapter 8. Go to and then to the link for Chapter 8 where you will find AS10.

The map at the start shows the area to be developed by 2041. It does not cover the top of the airfield.

You should also look as AS14 which sets out the boundary for the Garden Village covering a much larger area.

The Draft JLP 2041 will be considered at the Joint Scrutiny Committee on 27 November. See

The Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) has been adopted and details are at:

The next step is the creation of a Masterplan later in 2023 and the parish council are seeking to ensure that the community’s wishes are fully recognised and that it follows the made Neighbourhood Plan.

Planning Applications in the Parish

Details of planning applications discussed at the Parish Council Planning Sub-committee can be found in the Agendas and Minutes at St Helen Without Parish Council Meetings 2020

You can search for any planning application on the Vale of White Horse District Council’s website at

The advice on permitted development rights can be found on for various common projects,

VWHDC Local Plan 2031

Oxfordshire County Council Plans